November 2, 2017

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Fear no Mirror- Introducing non invasive fat reduction treatment COOL SCULPTING by Allergan.

August 28, 2018

Hey there,


We have heard from our mothers and their mothers that ice (cold therapy) is the best medicine to heal the tissue when it is recently injured and being a physiotherapist myself I can 100 % relate to this thing. but what if i say that it can do even more than that!!!


Wondering right? And if you happen to follow me on instagram (if not lets connect here) you would know that I happened to visit a launch of  Cool Sculpting sometime over a past week.At first I was little skeptical and confused about this technology but when at the launch I got to hear in and out about the process and technology I was quite amazed and I am sure even you would be so keep reading till the end.


Often many times we think that only invasive methods remove fat and not everyone would have fat that can be lost by exercise. Some of us including me are really genetically blessed to have a perfect body which only requires consideration of  proper lifestyle and exercise on the another side there are certain people who have genetically stubborn fat or fat due to hormonal imbalance or etc... and with this concern besides surgery which can lead to many complications other option is needed for regard.


Basically be it surgical or non surgical, either of them achieves same goal that is to contour body. now body contour refers to the optimisation of the definition, smoothness and shape of the body. and research says that fat reduction is the top aesthetic concern for both the genders worldwide plus as i said diet and exercise can help with weight loss, many people struggle with stubborn fat in hard-to-shift areas-fat that is resistant to diet and exercise..


Cool sculpting is one such non invasive treatment method introduced by ALERGAN india pvt. ltd.  is a specialty pharmaceutical company which is joint venture between Allergan and Piramal healthcare limited. Marc Princen has been executive vice president and president of the Allergan international business and Sridhar Ranganathan is the managing director for Allergan India he is responsible for overall strategy and operations for Allergan India including cool sculpting.


After the a small intro to body contouring let's see how does cool sculpting work.  Cool sculpting uses cryolipolysis which cools the treatment area , selectively freezing the fat cells leaving the rest of the tissue untouched. the fat cells that have increased in size breaks down due to cold and allowing the body's natural processes to remove the cells through an inflammatory clearing process


Area which can be targeted are these common areas about which most people are concerned with include - double chin, upper arm, chest, abdomen, back, sides, under the buttock and outer thigh. research shows to produce results which may be visible from a couple of months, but typically take up to 3 months.


Few fast facts

* 85% of people are concerned about excess body fat.


* non surgical fat reduction treatment are in the top 10 list of most popular non surgical procedures.


* in 2015 , men accounted for 18% of international non surgical  fat reduction procedures, higher than the cosmetic surgery average for men. 14%


* over 5 million cool sculpting treatment cycles have been performed to date in 74 countries.


Below I have uploaded few pictures from that day and we had our former miss universe Miss Sushmita Sen & ace photographer Daboo Ratnani for the launch.







Any information written or shared over any the style forever platforms including here on cool sculpting is based on whatever the company allergan has shared and it claims all of the above information on cool sculpting along with the fast facts. I shall not be held responsible for any mishappening.




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