November 2, 2017

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July 15, 2018

Hey there,





In today 'Health' is one big question to all of us and in this race of creating an identity we have surely skipped our health at the starting line. In my last blog post I have addressed few simple yoga poses that one can perform at any age, in case you have missed it then you can read it here.  In fact they are so simple and easy that you need not take out extra space and time from your routine, they can be just done. 


So in this blog post I shall talk about a minor but very important lifestyle change because I know you and me are no different as we both are crazy for delicious food and I am not at all saying to kill taste buds rather I feel happy in having what I love but minor improvements never prove harmful to my !!


As Lao Tzu said- " Tea is the elixir of life" and  it is mandatory for me to sip one cup every morning while listening to songs after when I get out of my bed. I remember my companion who was on a weight loss programme and used to sip in green tea forcefully despite of not liking one and complaining each time. Well, I was not in touch with her for long but one thing she told me every time we meet that this green tea isn't working. Being a physiotherapists and observing people as patients I discovered that your body will respond only when you are happy about the change you bought to or around it. I think this justifies where my companion went wrong with!


Is it really possible for body to be happy without killing desire of tea?  Tea, not only is one of the oldest drinks in history but chai is also India’s most popular drink – this country consumes a whopping 837,000 tonnes of tea every year! That's a huge figure howsoever  I am already on the journey of keeping myself fit, I believe in the mantra of cultivating that change which makes me feel happy .


Until now I am not a green tea fan but I feel lucky that being a food reviewer too I never fail in not being familiar with anything new to eat or drink. Hence,I started having ice teas and since then I have been having 'Ice tea' almost everywhere I go and lately they have become so popular that for myself I have found them to be a great alternative to green tea that can help me achieve the same goal as well. 



And I was fortuitous enough to get my hands sooner on ' ' Ice brews which are newly launched today on their site here. I know at times making an ice tea could be a misery but these ice brew bags from TE-A-ME are absolutely great, it is so convenient to make one in less than a minute by just adding only chilled water. And wondering, how does this help to maintain your health goals?? It is simple ingredients used are 100% natural ingredients, NON GMO, gluten free, no added sugar with no artificial colours.  What more?? It is available in five delicious flavors as follows, 








1. LYCHEE-   This fruit is out of season but you can surely enjoy the natural essence with this ice brew, it was sweet but it says to have no added sugars. Many of you may find this the best for the savor. This savor would just become deep with more sips. I am personally not a sweet savor person but I started liking it gradually.





2. PEACH- I personally didn't like this flavor but one who loves peaches like my sister who loved it, would surely enjoy this ice brew. The ice tea was little plain and dull for me.





3. LEMON- This was again a very great ice brew because hey I love lemon juice and this just felt similar to my taste buds. No it wasn't sour but had a very unique flavor somewhere between the combination of sour and mild sweetness. The aroma was absolutely refreshing.




4.MINT GREEN- I found this one the best out of all probably because I am person who likes chutneys with mint in it. Even when I have milk tea I prefer one with mint in it so without any doubt I would love a mint ice tea anytime. This one felt extremely rejuvenating and it freshens my mood and my breath (could be great on days when I forget to brush my teeth LOL). It tasted like a detox drink but obviously in a good savor.




5. WILD BERRY- We all love berries and they could make anyone go crazy, this ice brew is a mixture of the natural essence of all berry.  I enjoyed drinking this however the taste was quite distinctive to my gustatory buds. Initially each sip tasted little sweet and gradually it felt bitter. Yet, after few sips this didn't even bother me and I was only enjoying it.




They have launched ' TE-A-ME' ICE BREWS today, they offer 18 bags in a box of a particular flavor. The best part is they offer a special curated box having 3 bags of each flavor and a total of 15 bags so that you discover and try out the best according to your liking. I did get the same 'Try before you buy'  box and I found out Mint flavor to be the best for me.I found this deal amazing. The front of the box portrays the ice brew flavour whereas the back of the box has all information on nutritional values and ingredients and one side of the box displays the simple brewing technique while another shows more details of ice brews. Also you can avail a special discount on their website. In case you want to know more on Ice brews from TE-A-ME you can click here .


Hence, I feel killing my cravings is killing my happiness rather modifying and improvising them is a better alternative for my health.


P.S I really loved their tagline for Ice brews that is 'make water interesting' and yeah you can add sugar if you wish to do so.









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