November 2, 2017

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November 2, 2017

It is said " We need to dream to chase them but what about them who can't dream" .



Only if you recollect then remember saying this to someone ' Hey, you are so restless!' or 'Hey, don't be anxious calm down! ' , well at times this calm down might not be enough they might be suffering from something serious like wakefulness or more commonly known as 'INSOMNIA'. It is very common to have it at one time or another in our lives, this can be temporary lasting for few days to week or permanently.


It is natural to be anxious or behave restless at time but not always, it can be overlooked as a maniac behavior too but the bottom line is one should be aware of such conditions because as the day passes our lifestyle has changed // I myself say 24 hrs of the day is less for me to make life // (Relax, still I sleep adequately) . Certainly none of us has escaped the wrath of stress and various stress busters that we make ourselves adapted to.


Someone, who suffers through likes to stay in darkness  which explains the blackout in the pictures. 





Someone who stays awake has no other option but to gaze at ceiling or stare elsewhere that explains my expressions.





Someone who is under stress tries to scream it out as loud as possible. Ofcourse, that will make someone fatigue and laidback after oneself  which points out my appearance here. 

Someone out of anxiety ends up harming oneself which is illustrated by grating myself in pitures.




Lastly, someone feels like presence of tight band around head likely a headache that explains holding my hair ad if my head is exploding.




We feel less sleep, more work and more success infact it is not so because this costs you, your precious health. People usually never open about their problems to all but if you think there is someone who needs help then make that person feel positive about approaching the right person. Let us spread love and healthiness because even those people deserve a good night sleep to wake up to a dream that they can cherish eventually.



I have only tried to connect & relate things from the pictures and nothing in it depicts or portrays anything to harm anyone's feeling or question one's integrity of knowledge and character. The purpose is only for the sake of imagining and not to think of it to anything in reality or take things personally.




1. Mesh bodysuit cum top: KOOVS

2. Skirt: Missa More.0

3. Fish net socks: KOOVS

4. Rings: FOREVER 21



Picture Courtesy : VIRAG MEHTA 






The blog content is not reliable for medical advice or disease information and I won't be held liable to it moreover it is not based on any studies or research. This is purely based for entertainment purpose and I make no promises regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information presented in this blog. Readers can rely on the info in this blog only at your own 'risk' . I am not a professional on this topic of condition so please don't see this one as professional advice and consult with a professional before taking any sort of action.I won't be held responsible for any of your actions.







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