November 2, 2017

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May 13, 2017



Hi there,  



If you guys have been keeping a track on my Instagram stories, then I am pretty sure that you would have seen me getting pampered with a lot of spa services from  different salon brands.


Honestly, I love spa services for the fact that they leave very smooth and calming effect behind. Today here I am going to talk about two services that I had experienced from The Home Salon India and I am going to present and review it in a slightly different manner. For the same, I have developed a concept to present reviews of the services experienced at The Home Salon from two different mouths.


So speaking about recent events, my friend ‘Shruti’ and I , we had pampered ourselves in some relaxing and rejuvenating spa services at home. While I had engaged my time with the home salon for hair spa, Shruti chose to get a spa manicure done.


Well, starting with the thing that the home salon professionals were very punctual and right on time, they appropriately arranged all the materials that were needed for the procedure. They were rightly competent to do the spa without creating any mess.

On the very same day Girish my photographer was running late by few mins due to the the ever existing Mumbai traffic..!! But he made the outcome of the shoot wonderful and exactly matching to my expected outcome. He was fantastic. However, this did not panic the home salon professionals even though they had further appointments lined up later for the day they still did the services with accomplishment and harmony.


At first, the manicure took place so I will share what Shruti has to say in her own words about her manicure affair :


''Talking about The home salon, it was a superb experience. I had to do nothing but just relax the staff came to my place on time and got everything that was needed she did each and every process very accurately and softly each step was very relaxing. She was  experienced and superb at her work my nails just felt amazing after the manicure given by here my hands went through cleansing, scrubbing, filling, moisturising and masking which made it look shining as a diamond . Totally loved the experience would absolutely won't hesitate to call for their services  again. ''  

Below are a few pictures about how manicure session looked!

















Next, coming to my encounter with the hair spa action, I would prefer to sum it up in one word that is 'AMAZING' . I was little sceptical about how well a hair spa would turn out at a home place without rinsing basin and huge hair steamers but  instead everything fell in correct place and everything was substituted suitably. The professional started with rinsing of my hair adequately with the water hair spray bottle, then the spa cream was applied along the lengths of my hair by segregating hair into parts and then soothing deep scalp massage was given for proper duration later to which steam was provided to my hair by small portable steamer and then finally my hair was rinsed and settled. The final outcome was this and it did nothing less than making hair feel much more soft, smooth and look shiny. Like Shruti even I am looking forward to whim with their services again.

Here are a few pictures about how hair spa session looked.

















Moreover, I was very much relaxed as all of this happened in my comfort zone in my house. I did not have to wait at a salon in a queue and could just simply schedule an appointment according to my convenience. Also a quick go through of my outfit that day- I had worn this burgundy maxi dress that I donned as a button up top and paired it with dark denim high waist shorts along with contrast band mid heels and watch.


They offer some wide range of beauty and massage services at your doorstep.

You guys can visit their webpage, here.


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And I will see you guys again..!



Picture courtesy-  Girish Rajput 


Until then,


Tada & Take care




xoxo~ The Style Forever




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