November 2, 2017

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May 1, 2017

Hey there,






Well, I don't deny the fact that when it comes to maintaining a good harmony amid various different spheres of your professional life, it becomes little difficult for any one of us to juggle for connecting the ends of the diameter.  


Definitely, we have to sacrifice our feet to run and cover the whole circumference for the same. Also at the moment I would like to confess a thing, this is also something very much relevant to the current blog post. I don't know how many of you all  have noticed my feet nails or howsoever seen it on my  posts  but irrespective of any guilt I would like to share that my feet nails were so much damaged and so weak that I could literary scrap off my complete nail due to which much of dirt would also accumulate in the nail bed spaces. 



At first, I thought this to be symptoms of any disorder so immediately I visited a dermatologist after examining he told this is nothing but it happened merely due to the type of footwear I we- the front closed shoes which exposes my nails to repetitive trauma and break them. So yes I followed few precautions but that didn't stop my nails getting crummy and everyone out there would advise me a regular pedicure but I was. I had always been reluctant to pedicures in the fear it would make me suffer from extreme pain due to my brittle nails.



And then recently, I was introduced to 'Jean Claude Biguine' Salon & Spa with much belief, I went on to get a pedicure done. I was anxious until the time when I was introduced to 'Karan' the professional who did my pedicure. Certainly, I must say he not only did say that these grimy nails could be repaired but also made me feel assured that I can go through this without slightest of pain. Honestly, he did gain my full confidence. He absolutely made me comfortable at my best and was calm, truly patient and at the same time very professional. What more I liked about the professionals is that they all have adopted and maintained the hygienic level. I was made to sit and relax completely with my legs placed in a very comfortable position.




 Now, let me just quickly take you all through the detailed steps of the pedicure done on me, At first my nails were perfectly filed, next my skin of the feet was scrubbed properly. Immediately then my feet were washed by immersing into the sink below. Next, my feet were removed and properly dried for cutting, cleaning and brushing. The ends of my worn out skin near the nail bed was plucked out carefully with the great finish.












I was then given a soothing massage ideally it had to be given from below knee but as you can see I was wearing full-length denim so I insisted for massage from mid-leg to the end. Before proceeding for the massage the professional had applied a spa cream which very much works like moisturiser and it also overcomes friction. I was given a calming massage for a period of 10-15 mins after which my legs were again washed and dried. While this time I selected the colour of nail lacquer from the alluring range of nail lacquer collection.







Later it was the time to apply nail lacquer, so very smartly he separated my toes with a tissue and this was serene than the actual toe separator. He applied the blue lacquer first that already had the base mixed in. Next, I had demanded a matte colour in the same shade so he applied the top coat in matte solution. And here, I was left with a pair of happy beautiful feet.







I had a wonderful experience while getting this pedicure done, most importantly it was done with great attention and my all worries were taken care by the professional who did the pedicure very neatly and magnificently. Well, Thank- you Karan and Jean Claude Biguine.


At the end, I was also handed a small 'Ola' goodie bag that had this aromatic travel tin light candle of lavender fragrance which happens to be one of my personal favourites.Next, it contained an invitation to 'THALGO' facial treatment from 'Jean Claude Biguine' Paris Salon & Spa, cocktail vouchers from 'The Good Wife' and 'Ola' catalogue which had various codes to avail offers on 'Ola' cars be it prime, outstation or rentals.



I hope to see you guys around next time.






Picture courtesy: Uddesh Shah



Until then,

Tada & Take care




The Style Forever

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