November 2, 2017

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March 18, 2017





Ever more than anytime I am extremely happy when fashion events and eternal new styles hit the runway. With the ' Amazon fashion week' happening in Delhi and 'Lakme fashion week' in Mumbai, which just took place a month ago, I am going crazy over the amount of spectacular work displayed by various talented fashion designers and the hard work that is put across by incredible stylist, astounding make-up & hair artist, ravishing models and active sound and light men.


Amongst all, I loved ' Quo' by Ishita Mangal, 'SVA' by Sonam & Paras Modi', 'Ritu Kumar', 'Falguni & Shane Peacock', 'Karn Malhotra' including almost everything from the Day 2- The Sustainable Fashion & Indian Textiles day of the Lakme Fashion week and also loving 'Samant Chauhan', 'Sahil Kochhar' and lots many from the Amazon Fashion week. Let me know which were your favourites from either of the shows.


In my lifetime, I have not much attended fashion shows except once or twice where I noticeably felt many energetic vibes, but I would like to do it very often if given a graceful opportunity. Certainly, I would not miss such chance as a person who loves fashion and as a blogger to hit the floor with unique fashion styles. Since I feel the atmosphere there is more of appreciating kind rather than to judge your outfit whether it's fab or drab. People here, including me, do not gaze weirdly instead try to connect with your style.


However, for the record, I would like to mention that Lakme Fashion week does host numerous small contests before their showdown where they select bloggers to cover specific days or select few lucky audience for them grab the front row and enjoy the show. So like many even I had participated in one such contest wherein I had to submit my entry what I would wear to the front row. Chiefly, I posted two exclusive outfit look amongst which I will blog one outfit here and another in my next post.




I wanted to pose in something exceptional so I combined metallic, leather and denim and created an outfit style with an amalgam of all them being incorporated into the different pieces of the outfit. I preferred to keep metallic part minimal so to proportionate the bling to the point, hence I chose a silver metal knitted pullover top and threw denim overalls which is inspired from the 'Mom jeans' which were a huge hit amongst the women back in 90's. I did buy this one from Koovs and the pullover from a garage sale.




I carried this ensemble in a tan leather jacket which I received as a gift on my birthday and walked in black boots from Jabong. I kept the outfit in chic style by losing off the shoulder strap of the overall on one side and pulled the sleeve of the jacket just on the opposite hand. 





Lastly, I donned no accessories except a pair of shades with blush-toned frame and experimented with the hairstyle, putting two little top buns. I feel that I have absolutely justified metallics, leather and denims in one frame, but I would like to hear from you guys about what do you think about this one and I wish to win until the next time. Also, I would love to see if you guys create wonders in such style. I hope you guys liked this blog post and if so, please don't forget to share it :).




See ya next time,


Until then,
Tada & Take care.

The Style Forever.

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