November 2, 2017

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March 4, 2017



Hey there,





This blog might seem crazy to the readers currently experiencing the scorching of the sun but I did pull out a stake that ultimately you people would love to try it out during cold.And even if you know me, still for the countless times I would like to tell you all that, I do prefer to try the odds.


Lately, bomber jackets have been around everywhere, hence even I decided to hop on this bandwagon. Certainly, I have had a different scheme of thought to style it since pulling out a good old pair of jeans and tee was very much like a cliche.


So, I got this impeccable number bomber jacket from 'Bewakoof' and out of millennium options I favoured this one not because it is black, but as it has this really cute patch sticker over a part. Certainly, the colour black makes it look sleek but what complements is that pretty little patchwork that makes this piece a  sensation. 


I know you wouldn't agree to me less, if I say 'Rainbow', 'Unicorn' & 'Íce-cream' makes one feel like a magnificent dream living in and this is why I just went all crazy over this bomber jacket from Bewakoof. Also, before I engross myself into the styling part, let me run a few more words to my best knowledge on this remarkable bomber jacket. It is made up of 100 % cotton, too fierce from any damage and perfectly fits me to my best silhouette of my body, but if in case you are more of a hippie kinder than you are free to choose a size up.


Above all, this piece is absolutely perfect to don an urban chic style and for the record, I went off the edge and thought to enrobe it on just a long shirt and thigh-high boots.

The shirt is a multicoloured horizontal striped side silt number from ÓNLY' that I had bought from the store last month. I was lucky enough because when I dropped it was their sale going on and I got this piece in the size I wanted that is little oversized. This shirt is completely light and breezy. Well, don't be skeptical about my shower if you spot me wearing this twice in a row. 


Next, I wanted to own a real huge pair of boots and finally, after roaming various places I bought these boots from 'The truffle collection' on Jabong. I would love to wear them often, but it really does not seem to happen except when the sun is in no mood to show up or I move to Alaska or if I would like to ditch my bottoms as I did here. :P


Well, I feel that this shirt & boots  paired with this bomber jacket from Bewakoof looks spectacular and absolutely makes an urban style statement. The shirt and the boots add an extra oomph and completely justifies the bomber jacket style story. To the ensemble, I have carried a pair of pink tint shades and left the outfit as it is, with my hair tied into two dutch braids that make a way apart towards the end into two more regular braids. 


In this attire, I can feel only vibes of coolness, funkiness and of chic.

Cheers to Bomber Jackets ...!! 


I hope you people like the pictures, and if you loved this blog then please don't forget to share it and let me know how did you feel about this blog!!


 Outfit Details: Bomber Jacket: Bewakoof, Shirt : Only, Boots: Jabong, Shadess: Colaba Causeway.










Pictures by Nachiket Parchure 


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Until next time,

Tada & Take care


The Style Forever





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