November 2, 2017

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February 28, 2017

Hey there,




I know you people must be wondering, why I have not been visible all this time and yes I definitely owe an apology. Since I do require to call for a little me time, no doubt each one of us needs and also, after a particular stretch point I do desire to get my junk together.


However, today here on the blog, I am going to share my personal experience of having a makeover done for me from the 'ColorBar' Cosmetics. So how did I get here? In case, you guys happen to be familiar with 'Cosmopolitan' Instagram giveaway then I had participated in one, umm no wait, I participate in all of them but until now I won this one :P. I mean, even you guys should go for it, they are amazing and you might never know you can get lucky anytime for anything. (Fingers crossed)
And exactly two months from now, it was my birthday month, the same time Cosmopolitan had announced their Colorbar giveaway of Luxe nail Lacquer. I don't really remember the details of the giveaway, but yes, one had to comment something with a necessary hashtag. Moreover, on this very day two months past it was 2016 Christmas and for me, the Christmas eve was not treating me quite well, but that evening I happened to open my Instagram just for the sake to upload a picture and I was absolutely startled when I came to know this win. Guess, I might have been just lucky enough for Cosmopolitan to be my Santa clause  <3.


Apparently, after scheduling and rescheduling, I got the makeover done last week at one of their Mumbai outlet and wherein I was handed the beautiful set of their new launched 'Luxe nail lacquer'. It is a set containing 8 different coloured nail lacquers of various textures, trends and they seem totally charming. Before I move on to the makeover part, I will list the shades down below along with a picture.


From the top-


1. Green Haze

2. Chandelier

3. Serene Peach

4. Eternal Blush

5. Liquid Gold

6. Love Bug

7. Pink Things

8. Red enigma




So, naturally, I had to walk into the store with a bare face with not even a slightest bit of any cream and here I looked somewhat like below.







I was ushered by their makeup artist team and Ms Sunita was the one to work on me. Each one of them was extremely kind, polite and coordinative.




Sunita, she did praise my naked face skin and I appreciate the same. She was mind blowing and gently she asked me what kind of look I would prefer. I replied any subtle makeover that goes with LBD for a Saturday evening. She thought for a while and started preparing for the same. She did explain me everything and at the same time, she cleared all my doubts I had related to makeup.




First things first, she tested for a perfect tone of cream on my skin, after which she wiped everything out and got her hands on my face for the makeover. She started with the 'spotlight illuminating lotion' which helps to make skin glow and at the same time moisturise my skin. Next, she went on applying primer 'perfect match primer' to increase the life of makeup and protect it from an extreme condition. After this, she created a base with a foundation wherein she mixed two of the shades (01 & slightest of 02) to match my skin tone and subsequently, she applied concealer over my dark areas of face skin. For a while, I had a very big confusion of this which one to apply first from foundation and concealer? She replied it can be either way whichever you feel preferable for your type. She extended the same procedure reaching my neck line and this is how it looked!






Later, she went on for eye makeup and eye makeup's as we all know are all time tedious, but it was all placate as she did it in a relaxed manner. Also, my eyes are too sensitive and I used to water out as soon as anything was applied near the lower eye line, but she was absolutely relaxed and handled the whole situation with total ease. So, she created a smoky eye look with black & golden Colorbar all day waterproof eye shadow stick. It is gel based and smudges quickly and easily as it dries just right after a stroke of application. Next, she applied eyeliner, mascara, and kajal very precisely. As I said before this was a huge task for her in my case but she managed nicely. And yes, she also gave a shape to my brows with a brown brow pencil and brow brush.








Following which, she worked on my cheeks with this fantastic kit that had highlighter, contour and blusher all in one palette.
Later to which she added a light sprinkle of glitter bronzer.






Lastly, she winded up the look with doing my lips in the shade of very pretty fuschia pink colour, I don't really remember the exact shade but you can have a look at the picture below. Not to forget she applied lip prime and care gel and outlined my lips with a lip pencil over which she put that deep matte lip creme. 




And, this is the how the final outcome looks..!! I went crazy over the look as I loved it completely. I wonder whether you people adored it as much as I did!








Thank you, Sunita, ColorBar and Cosmopolitan.

I hope you guys loved this blog post and virtual makeover and I believe you people like the pictures too.Please share it and give it a thumbs-up..!!

Also, I have tried explaining whatever queries related to a basic makeover each one of us have and still If anyone of you has any doubt then shoot them on my Instagram wall, mail or any social media page and I will definitely help to solve it if I can and I know or If I have had discussed out with Sunita during the session.
I believe you people like the pictures too.



P.S This is not a sponsored post.


Until then,
See ya & Take care
The Style Forever



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