November 2, 2017

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February 12, 2017

Hey there,
You have to agree with me when I say women seek to own uncountable pieces of jewellery!!
And being a woman myself, I look for the same desire.


But for this, isn't it hideous to go heavy on our pockets and at the same time make huge spaces for them to occupy?
It's a nightmare come to each of us since we must have already try to fit in lot many things in our almost full wardrobe. 


Relax, because I have nearly figured out this, though the theme is quite basic enough, but it's damn convenient to have many pieces of jewelry with just one jewelry.
Seriously, you people must be thinking that I have gone crazy, hence without blowing out much time, I will tell you all that- Recently, I had happened to visit a jewelry exhibition of a brand called 'The Glocal Trunk'. This was on a very short notice and I already had quite a long day, so bare with me in case I look tired.


The exhibition was near to the Prithvi cafe at Juhu in Mumbai. I hate to say this, but I was late, yet I am thankful to Priya (The brand owner) & Deepa (brand associate) who oriented me well through the exhibition. The exhibition had many pieces of jewelry displayed from the various brand's collections, but what caught my attention the most is 'The click button' jewelry.


Let me explain you this concept of the click button jewelry, here in this you can make your own kind of jewelry in just three simple steps. First, select a base, it can be any either a bracelet or chain or an earring. Also, there are colour options provided in each of them so you can choose from golden, silver or metallic black coloured base. Second, pick out the desired button, there are endless options of buttons available right from the alphabets to the Christmas buttons, stars and heart buttons available in various colour options.  


Personally, I loved the snowman buttons, but I gave it a pass over the alphabetic and heart buttons.I myself made a click button neckpiece from a silver chain and gold alphabetic button along with a click button bracelet in metallic black colour and heart button. 
What's interesting here is, that you can change these buttons to whichever and whenever you want. So, by just one kind of neckpiece, bracelet or earring and multiple buttons, one can create various different ornaments. Believe me, it will be like new feeling with each different type of click button jewelry.


I absolutely adored this way and I feel this click button jewelry look too simple yet pretty. They are all time perfect for anyone who does not want to go too heavy and flashy over accessories. Also, as Valentine's day is nearing, it goes without saying that 'The Glocal Trunk' will be having special buttons added in their collection, So If you people are planning to gift your girl breasts or girlfriend then make sure this is on your list.


You can check out their collection here.


I have got few pictures clicked while I was at the exhibition, I hope you like them,!











Until next time,
See ya & Take care
The Style Forever


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