November 2, 2017

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February 5, 2017




How about working relentlessly for a week thinking of a weekend and then realising there is no weekend? Of course, It is a huge nightmare for all of us. And, I know how difficult each one of us strives to get through the week. Since I can relate this personally to myself. 

Every other day of the week looks similar as to the routine of next week except for the weekends where I get some me time to explore new horizons, take some recreation and amuse myself in a particular hobby of our interest.


I can't surely help much to change the routine of my weekdays apart from starting a day on a positive note and bringing in few minor changes that count in crucible way. Certainly, we think for our workdays as dull and tedious matter. So in this case, why not to spice up the things and make them interesting!


I remember that my mother always says that smileys are yellow not just for any random reason, but because the yellow colour gives a sense of happiness. She tells me to look out of your window when I find things uninteresting while at work as this will cheer my mind. Well, colours, graphics and pictures do add that required quirkiness which is necessary to elate our mood. And this is the sole point of this whole blog.


Recently, I had got an opportunity to style a tote bag and experience the funky notebooks from 'The Souled Store'. This brand has been started by 4 friends with an objective of creating something they could be proud of and more important, something that would bring happiness to everyone.


Talking about their tote bag, I went for a turquoise- black coloured one that has a very cute print with 'Let that shit go' written on it.  Turquoise is my favourite colour and that perky little 'Buddha' cartoon printed on the tote makes me feel pleasant and I get energetic and confident vibes. Also, frankly speaking, I always grin reading that meme on my tote since I relate it to my bad experiences.Hence, I make a point to carry this tote bag when it's a rough day ahead.I  have styled this beautiful tote bag with all 'Black'outfit. A pair of black easy breezy trousers beneath a Bralette and sheer top along with my all time, treasured Zara heels and I was good to go. I kept the outfit minimal with just a pair of reflectors and middle parted two half buns on my hair.


You can view this tote bag here.


Talking about the notebook, who does not deal with stationery while they run at work. No doubt pen, paper, pencil, etc the whole stationery forms an integral part of our work. So I thought why not to make them fancy instead of dull notebooks I went on to implement sumptuous ones. Hence, I opted for this appealing notebook that has a meme written 'Shine on you crazy diamond'. I carry it to my desk for studies, at my breakfast table and also while on a shoot. When things don't go accordingly as planned, I just look at this notebook and it makes me feel delightful.


You can view this notebook here.


Not just these but the whole collection of The Souled Store is quite quirky, playful and yet decent. Each of their product is embedded with various interesting themes and both are endless which is available at a relatively good deal. I would definitely love to get more of my hands on their product.


You can visit their site here.


Remember, nothing is faded until we find a correct perspective to it.

Enough of words, so I will leave you guys with the pictures.


Outfit Details- Tote Bag: The Souled Store, Top: H&M, Bralette: Sidra A Achwa, Trouser: Jabong, Heels: Zara, Reflectors: Friend's closet.




















Picture Courtesy: Akash Pandey


See you next time,
Until then,
Take care & Tada.


Much love,
The Style Forever.

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