November 2, 2017

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January 12, 2017




Hey there,

None of us could ever possibly be adventurous to go bottomless in this chilly weather!
Even just by writing about this gives me heebie-jeebies. 


But on a serious note, let's be a little innovative to probe something like above. I know less commonly or never we leave our legs bare in the cold, this is absolutely contrary and as less often to how we love to flaunt our legs in summers. 


For always, I was wondering to go bottomless in winters. I had been digging this style eternally for quite some time and I am really excited about this blog since this is a sole vogue that I wanted to turn up on my blog like forever.


Well, probably all this time we have been contemplating about the bottoms only as denims, trousers or leggings and so on. However, the thigh high silhouette of socks or boots can really look fantastic. And this is what, exactly, I have given them a shot this time.


Moreover, by the word of going bottomless, I meant is just to skip the usual bottoms..!! Here I have kept my style minimal yet chic.


I have called for an oversized sweatshirt that has this exquisite aztec print, it is in shade of monochrome and it has scarce fur over it that keeps me quiet warm and cosy in this weather.


To complement the whole look I  preferred to go for the burgundy tinge of lace thigh high socks. I wanted to go for a complete black woollen thigh high socks unfortunately I did not get one since it was out of stock. Nevertheless, these lace socks  looked quite pretty and graceful and I feel it's totally perfect for the Mumbai winds. 


Likewise, there is no perfect time then now to wear any boots. So I have been wearing these black low calf length boots almost on everything .


Along with the outfit, I did wear a pair of black shades and rolled my hair up into two parted buns. I wanted my hairstyle to look sleek and classy.


I am utterly delighted by the final outcome of the shoot. Frankly, I was very much playful around in this outfit.According to me, I feel this style is absolutely light, easy to flaunt yet trendy and chic enough. 


Let me know whether you guys liked my blog, also do let me know if you plan to style any outfit like so! And yeah, I hope you all like the pictures.



Picture Courtesy: VIRAG MEHTA  (THANK YOU SO MUCH :) )

                               Outfit Details: Oversized Sweatshirt- Borivali street shop,

                       Burgundy Lace thigh high socks- Forever 21, Black Boots- Jabong,

                                                           Black shades- Lenskart.












See ya,

Until then,
Tada and take care

The Style Forever    


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