November 2, 2017

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November 14, 2016






Hey there,

So if you guys are already on my Snapchat and have seen my post on Instagram then I am pretty sure that you people must be knowing where I was on the 6th of this November and what was I up to!

Yes, you have got it correct, I was on the grounds of Jio Gardens, BKC for the #PumaWomen #DoYou movement. 


Let me briefly introduce you about this PUMA #DoYou movement, well this was for the largest community of women coming together to break the Guinness book of world record of holding a plank for 60 seconds.


Certainly, I was super excited for this and hence I reached about an hour ago. The gates were going to open at 3 p.m. I was accompanied by my lovely mum and my friends Shruti and Aaliya who are thestreet_style girls so  until the clock would tick 3 we were clicking selfies and took few boomerangs while standing in the queue.






I had decked out myself in a Forever 21 black halter neck top, Puma leggings and bright sports shoes. I had accessorised the outfit with puma elbow bands and white socks. To protect my eyes from the heat I did wear a rose gold reflectors from Forever 21. Also, I always like to be playful with my hair and so I went little quirky and tied up and down dutch braid.



The excitement grew even bigger as the queue started building back. All the women were so enthusiastic, few were gearing up to make their plank strong while rest where were cheering  them.  By this time it was already 3 and the gates were opened. 




As we entered the gates, there were registration desks arranged alphabetical wise, so you see the management was quite nice. There were security guards too who kept us, guiding throughout our way in. Since we had already registered, we had to just collect the PUMA #DoYou tank tops from the desks. Not just us but whosoever had registered  before or on the spot for the movement got the cool tank top.




I absolutely adored the tank top, it was in bright orange tinge with the words 'Do You' drafted on it.
The best part about the tank top was it was of free size, so I had numerous options to style it. Overall the tank top was comfortable yet super sporty style.



As we proceeded, there was a screening round awaiting us and we had to clear it to enter and be the part of the final plank round. No doubt we all were nervous, but my mum and friends cleared it well. Next it was my turn, I was damn afraid along with this my face became as timid as an ant. My pulse increased and my breathing became shallow as the executive said ready!? At this moment I could only think of mum and strive all the inspiration from her, who cleared this test, despite of being 45+ in age and gaining fat around the belly after two deliveries.


Frankly speaking before 20 days of this movement I could just hold my plank for 40 seconds with the last 10 seconds shivering, since that day I had kept on practicing the plank. Indeed, by the 6th of November I could hold my plank for more than 60 seconds, but  no matter how much ever you prepare, when it comes to perform in a test nothing but veins speak. My mum has always encouraged me and has always set an example of what is to be said as a perfect idol. 

Thanks to her to make me feel confident enough in my belief, so much that today I hold  on to a very huge thing, of course later,I will tell you people what is it!?



Once, we cleared the screening round our bands changed to golden bands from the black bands that we had gotten earlier at the registration desk.
Also, we took a few pictures ahead of the screening round before we moved on to the photography booth. 




As we entered the grounds where the final challenge was going to take place, we could feel nothing but crazy energetic vibes. The environment was just awesome and cheerful.
We had tons of photos clicked over there.











 Also, I met this amazing lady Roopali Naik from the @thelighteyedgirl blog, she is a tall girl with so much positivity in her. I had totally great time with her.



The service provided was quiet great, to keep us hydrated water was available in small bottles every now and then. Also, our cravings could be easily demolished by the food that was supplied by the mini vans there.



Exactly at the opposite end to these vans was the huge stage, where live concerts, dance and music sessions were going on. I could barely think of any moment doing nothing there. 


Later 'Malishka' the Red FM radio jockey joined us definitely to host the event. Trust me she is so lively and a piece of entertainment. Surely she knows when, what and how a perfect gig has to be thrown. Absolutely she kept our vocal boxes busy all the time.




As the clock was ticking and time was coming closer to 6, the celebrities joined us.
There were many of them, to name some, are


Sakshi Malik- She is an Indian freestyle wrestler. At the 2016 Summer Olympics, she won the bronze medal in the 58 kg category, becoming the first Indian female wrestler to win a medal at the Olympics and the fourth female Olympic medalist from the country.She is a part of the JSW Sports Excellence Program, along with fellow female wrestlers Vinesh Phogat, Babita Kumari and Geeta Phogat.Malik had previously won the silver medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and the bronze medal at the 2015 Asian Wrestling Championships in Doha.Her strength is impeccable.




 Jacqueline Fernandez - She is a Sri Lankan actress, model, and the winner of the 2006 Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant. As Miss Universe Sri Lanka she represented her country at the 2006 world Miss Universe pageant.[7] She graduated with a degree in mass communication from the University of Sydney, and worked as a television reporter in Sri Lanka. She presently works as an actress in Bollywood and has played roles of almost all film genres. She has been a part of many intellectual & commercially successful films.





Kalki Koechlin- She is an Indian actress and screenwriter of French descent, who predominantly works in Bollywood. Apart from acting in films, she is also a regular presence in theatre productions in India. Koechlin is the recipient of a National Film Award, a Filmfare Award and two Screen Awards. Moreover she has stunned the audience with her awesome performance in some of the challenging films. 




Nidhi Mohan Kamal- She is an Indian nutrition and Health Expert -Fitness, Body, Mind and food. She is absolutely fit as hell.




 Sucheta pal-She is an International Zumba Euducational specialist and the selected few master trainers for Zumba. She is currently leading India after undergoing her fitness training from United States. Her energy is never ending.





Tashi and Nungshi Malik- They are the first siblings and twins to climb the Seven Summits and reach the North and South Poles and complete the Adventurers Grand Slam and Three Poles Challenge. Surely, they prove that success is even beyond horizon.




Sushma Verma is an Indian cricketer. She started her national-level career as a wicket-keeper and right hand batswoman in the India women's national cricket team.She is just so adorable and her smile is as pretty as her. She justifies that the cricket is not only reserved for the males and that we are capable of bearing the hit of a season ball.


Ujjawala Raut who is an Indian model. Touted to be India's most successful supermodel.


Anushka Manchanda who is a famous Indian Celebrity Singer and actor.



They had a small session of interaction with the Malishka and we audience had wonderful time with such great heads. Also, each one of them disclosed what was their  #DoYou moment and also they displayed few of their awesome abilities. For an instance Jacqueline could almost raise her leg to 180 degrees. Isn't this amazing?


We really had a good time with them and as said they gave nothing but a jolly evening.
We didn't even realize when the clock ticked 6 and the time was here when we had to perform our final plank challenge. There were almost 1900 women on the grounds ready to break the record. Each one of us got into the position followed by a small affair of instructions.

Finally, we pulled our abdominals and contracted as tight as we could against the gravity. There was a powerful yet dynamic silence in the atmosphere for 50 seconds, later to this we started counting 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2 & 1...!!!


And everyone jumped out of excitement for getting through this.  I did experience a different energy that comes in performing in a group than in single. Thus, it is rightly said that Strength  lies in unity. The 60 seconds plank I did here was so cheerful then ever when I did it alone. 


We had to break “The Most People To Hold The Abdominal Plank Position” for 60 seconds with the record of 1323- both men and women, and we broke it with 1623 only women. So officials had a vision check on the same to confirm the victory. For this they had to take around 45 mins. This  gap was filled by a spirited and astounding Zumba sessions. 


We danced till we had sweat and tried to match the steps at the best. It was difficult for me because I am not a good dancer and this was actually a call for!



Later , it was the time for the results to be out and everyone prayed and caught on to each other's hand, curiously waiting and eager hear with our ears wide open. The results were declared and YES, WE FINALLY DID IT..!!

It was more special because we all did it in one attempt, where as we had been given two chances of attempt.

Everyone jumped out of excitement, the win was celebrated by dancing and as I looked besides to my mum, where she was standing give me a subtle  smile. That smile was not just an emotional expression but a bundle of words she conveyed me through it- That smile said no matter what there is always a victory at the end of all struggles, just be confident enough to face them. 


We even received a certificate for this along with the PUMA vouchers. Have a glimpse to the certificate below..!




Well, this was the big end to the small journey that PUMA started. I am highly thankful to Popxo and PUMA for bringing this platform to me and every women who broke the record. We even got this certificates and Puma gift cards. xoxo


I hope you people liked my pictures, and that even they have a different angle to how this day looked liked to you..!!



Until then,

See ya & Take care

Much love

The Style Forever 


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