November 2, 2017

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November 2, 2016

                                         Picture details-  GREEN TEA: KIRKLAND SIGNATURE                              ( Click on the image above to find direct link to the product web page on


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Hey there,

I had never been a huge fan of green tea, but I am an ardent tea lover. So irrespectively I thought to give 'Kirkland Signature's ' green tea a try.
Certainly green tea is good for our health so I would decide and start drinking a green tea but eventually lose the trail either because of its distressing colour or disgusting bitter taste, but this kirland green tea is nothing like so.I had this hot brew cup of this green tea and it was more amazing than any green tea I had before. It gives you a very mellow colour on brewing and it does not even taste bitter, so this means you don't really need to add any sweetener. 


Of course I will guide you people about how to use it and about the tremendous benefits it holds and also my detailed experience with it, but before let me acquaint you more about 'Kirkland Signature'green tea as a brand.


So this Kirkland green tea is an International brand of green tea marketed under 'ITO EN' which happens to be a Japanese multinational drinks company specializing in tea production.

The majority of people over the world had been already crazy for every ITO EN product and this 'Kirkland Signature' green tea is another Ito En gem.


Obviously, like any other green tea, one of which is it lessens the dark circles-an overnight freezer cooling of tea bag works wonders for the same purpose.Kirkland green tea also has the same benefits apart few particular things that really made me go insane about this tea. Kirkland green tea is an authentic Japanese Sencha & Matcha blend green tea.

                                                      GREEN TEA- KIRKLAND SIGNATURE

 ( Click on the image above to find direct link to the product web page on

Sencha is a type of Japanese green tea which is prepared by infusing the processed whole tea leaves and Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.
Normally a green tea would have either of the constituent but this kirkland green tea has both and this is what makes it the best.

The combination of Sencha & Matcha gives this green tea that mild and smooth texture. It has that definite and well defined herbal flavour. Matcha especially gives that enhanced taste and aroma.Apart from this it also acts as an anti-oxidant and it also contains necessary vitamins and minerals too.


Lately, I have been drinking this Kirkland green tea for a couple of days-in the morning ,in between the shoots or in between the breaks from working. It is absolutely light because it has been minimally processed from simple yet useful ingredients that one would probably find in your grandmother's kitchen 100 years ago.Moreover, it makes a much cleaner cup of green tea since it does not leave behind any film like many green tea happen to do.

Just a few sips of this brewed green tea calms my mind and relaxes my body. It enhances my mood and detoxifies in an effective and natural manner.

                      OUTFIT DETAILS: Top- Forever 21, Joggers- Local shop( Ville Parle)

                                                     Sneakers- Street Style Store, Shades- Missa More

Besides, many green teas do not provide great cup of tea in hot and cold brewing, however Kirkland green tea is good for either of brewing. Though I liked it more in cold brewing.

For a hot brew you just need to insert the tea bag, pour hot water just before it boils and steep the tea bag for 30 seconds. Then bounce it thrice above the cup to let the last remaining bits of juicy drip into the brewed tea below.
Similarly for a cold brew follow the same procedure except for steeping the bag for 5 mins instead of 30 seconds.


There is one cute thing about this green tea that I adored a lot. As it consists matcha and since matcha is finely grounded powder there is still some amount remaining inside the packet and outer envelop of the tea bag, this can be used to decorate your green tea. Just tap and dusk the bag and the packet a little to empty all matcha powder.

Additionally, the last sip of this green tea won't taste bitter since it has matcha powder and its particles are much heavier then the brew so they will settle at the bottom of the green tea and you need to just swirl the cup for the last sip and enjoy it's the soothing flavour.


                                   Picture details: From right bottom-Faces (Tango 511),  Studiowest (Spice 321), MIss Claire (309), Maybelline (Red carpet M204), Yves Rocher ( R 317)

Along with this the tea bag has some great external features like long string, premium tea bags that allow optimum water during brewing process and the tea bag is not closed by glue or staples.

It is easily available on and 


P.S- It is moderately priced but no doubt it's better than how we spent on a packet of chips!

                     Picture Details: Hat- Splash, Scarf- Local vendor, Shades- Lenskart,

                                               Compact- Max FactorX creme powder


So why just to preserve ourselves from outside with hats, glares and scarves when we can keep our inner body equally happy and protective!!


Until then,
Tada and take care
Much love,
Nehakshma Wanjara.


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