November 2, 2017

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PICTURE COURTESY: MANOJ PATIL (Instagram- @m.exposure)



Hey people,

I hope you all are doing well, if you people ask about me than I am  pretty much messed up since the  festivals are almost around and I desperately want to blog some or the other thing on traditional attires, I have already mentioned this in my previous blog so definitely I will go it. 

So you people may be wondering what this blog is about then there is only one word I can tell 'CHOKERS'. As we all know chokers are a great style comeback these days and if you look around every other person is wearing a choker. Even I love chokers immensely and I have got my set of choker from the label 'Macramé India'. This goes way back to those old days when I owned their pair of belts and clutches. Everything they made is of complete crochet and handmade with lots of love. Then they came after this idea of making crochet chokers and of course I had to have these chokers. The best part about macramé is they provide so many different options amongst the colours and style that it truly becomes worth buying from them. Above all this they make these crochet chokers with lots of love that every time I see myself in them it just makes me want more of me in them. Now, as you people know enough about them let me show you their chokers and how I have styled them.

Since we all know chokers are on the go, on the toe fashion statement for each one us and obviously we pair them with our every outfit.

Here I have created six different looks with six different chokers. Along with it, I have also made a point to pair each choker with different neck line outfits. So this will also guide you to the dictionary of various tops.








I have styled this pink choker effortlessly by fitting myself into a black halter top and pulling a regular denim over my waist. Those black ankle length boots absolutely seem to complement the outfit. So when you are running late for errands or feel completely lazy you may sneak out this very look.













Aha! This one is my favourite as I am a bohemian style sucker. Though this look is not all about being bohemian but somewhere I have tried to give it's reflection to the outfit. For the same I chose to go for an off shoulder top pairing it with olive green trousers. The outfit is quite easy to carry. The big jack white fedora hat stuns the whole look and also I love sneakers so I make a point to never miss the on them. This outfit is perfect when you are feeling crazy and playful.










So this look is more of a semi-formal kind and one can very well pull this outfit at the work. I have styled the choker with a wide shoulder top and those breathtaking wide leg pants just look amazing. The whole ensemble has been very well paired with just a pair of stilettos and a small black fedora hat. I think this outfit looks totally chic.










So again this look is my favourite since it has sneakers and knots. I preferred to style this choker with a shoulder cut out blue T-shirt dress and of course the white sneakers.To add a spark, I have tied a little knot at the side of the dress. This gives that sporty look, to the outfit and of course  black shades and handbag waves of the look. Brunch is the perfect occasion for this outfit.









Before I start on this outfit, let me tell you people this is bit different than the rest of the outfit. Not only I have thrown myself into different layers of clothes, but I have layered the choker too with the other neckpiece. So I have worn a basic bustier over the white culottes and I have thrown a layer of long slit shirt over the ensemble. Slit overalls come in handy when one feels to layer the outfit. For the choker, I went with a few thin chain neckpiece to layer it up around my neck. Lastly stilettoes to appreciate the outfit. This outfit can be rocked anytime, anywhere, particularly at the events or when you just feel like wearing too many clothes :p 









Too much of study and no play makes jack a dull boy so similarly too much of work and no party make me a crazy girl.  This outfit is absolutely uber chic one, I have styled the choker with a plunge neck black dress and adorable stilettoes. This sassy look definitely calls out for parties. 






Phew! Finally, I am done :p..!

So look people, chokers are very much in trend and you can almost style them with anything and wear them to every place right from work to parties and brunch to events.

I hope you had a great time reading this blog and I hope you all liked the pictures too.
See you soon <3


Until then, 
Tada and Take care


Much love 
Nehakshma Wanjara



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