November 2, 2017

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October 9, 2016



Hey people.
I hope you guys are doing well and I am pretty sure all of you would be enjoying this Navratri as much as I am. The sound of Garba has some crazy energy within itself and even if you are not a Garba fan the beats will definitely force your feet to tap. Apart from this, as festive seasons are at nigh I am thinking to blog different ways on how you can traditionalise your western outfits.   

Before I get on to my blog, let me ask you guys one question, which is of course related to my blog- had it ever occurred to you people that you wanted a specific kind of dress for which you had dream about having it someday in your closet? 
Even though it had happened that for thousand times the dress must have appeared in front of you, but you didn't buy because it just didn't feel right. 



And believe me or not, very similar thing happened to me, since forever, I had wished to have a jacquard dress to my collection and voila 'QASICS' made my bid come true. Almost every other day I would search for one of various shopping hubs. It's not that I never got to see one in fact I got to see many, but some or the other thing was bothering me.



Presently I possess a very beautiful jacquard dress and let me recite my way through this. like any other day i was surfing through online shopping sites when i bumped into the 'QASICS' site. at this very moment i had checked out their dress category where i found this very pretty jacquard dress which completely stole my heart. 'QASICS' is one such online label that has definitely won my trust. the dress came in an extremely well and sophisticated packing. the fabric of the dress was  unbelievebaly awesome. i got this dress for quiet amazing deal and i am pretty sure they have some ot the other thing for you people that is not heavy to your pockets. 




For those who know my style type well might have guessed it right about how would I style this dress. I know dresses are damn easy to style one needs to slip on their favourite pair of stilettoes, roll down your hair in a chic manner and walk with full grace. Since I very much like to curate the style and set the trend I opted for peep toe heel studded wedges and rolled my hair up into a half bow. According to me the ensemble looks simple yet elegant. 




Moreover, this label is not just about such dress, but much more to clothing. They have everything right from the basics to overalls. 'QASICS' is one such online label that has made a good name over a period of time. As I had mentioned before that I always wanted a jacquard dress thanks to Qasics for bringing a perfect dress to me. 

One can visit their website for more information, they are 100% active on Roposo too. Link to the online shopping site is  and roposo profile is  .




So I wish all of you out there find something best suitable for yourself  on Qasics. Always shine your closet and keep it happy. I will be soon up with my next blog. I hope you people like the pictures.



Picture courtesy: TANMAY ZOKANDE (instagram handle: @tgzoku and @zokandetanmay )


Until then
Take care

Much love
Nehakshma Wanjara

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