November 2, 2017

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August 3, 2016

                                          Top: Missa More, Wide bottom pants: ONLY

                                                    Stilettos: Jabong (Lara Karen)

                                                                  Tie: KOOVS

                                                             Handbag:  ESBEDA 

Hey stunners,
Mumbai is absolutely blooming, the weather here is chilled and I struggle every morning to get off my bed. It's been raining heavily in Mumbai and I am not able to do shoots regularly. I have to call the shoot off due to rain but you know guys what I feel that Mumbai is blessed to have  such rain. As long it quenches thirst of  the masses and boon's life to a dead, barren land, I don't sense my hopes dashing about the shoot. Also a kind request 'please' save water and I do recognize water is a non exhaustible natural resource, but this should not make us greedy and each one of us has to put in a little effort for this good cause.


So talking about the blog, what strikes you when you think about formal fashion style? Talking about me, I think of the tie's- the most usual thing and the bell bottom pants. Well the pants that I have worn here are not exactly called 'bell' but 'wide' bottom pants. These pants can be also used to recreate the gothic look.



Wide leg pants, no doubt looks classy but are less likely to give you a good stature, this difficulty is most often faced by people like me who are petite and frankly speaking these pants makes us look even shorter. People who really have an average to good height, flats are a good option to slip on but it can't be worn at meetings or formal occasions as they may even make you appear shorter and bid oversized.




Stilettos are a great saviour at such moments. Here I have opted for a pair of neutral pointed toe stilettos. One may even choose to wear some other color stilettos but this depends for what occasion you are getting dressed. For formal vogue you may go with extreme darker or light neutral shades and for casual vogue you may choose the bright colors.
For a short height fille like me, I definitely have to opt for heels as they give me a better stature in such pants, but then later my calf  muscles hurt badly yet, no worries as I have found a way out of this problem and any of you can try if you wish to!! So I always carry an extra pair of flats along with me, once I reach my desk or when I am doing much of work while sitting I slip on my flats and remove the heels and put them aside.


Also, be careful of which type of heels you wear with wide bottom pants as pump or wedges may make your feet look broader and none of us wants this. Moreover, wide leg bottoms already give your calf a wider appearance. Pointed toe stilettos are helpful to people who already has healthy calf and also  gives them perfect silhouette.





Recently off shoulder tops are super trendy, I found this cute little black piece of top 'Missa More'.  This top is damn uber and fabric is strong and it fits perfectly giving the best silhouette. 



Also more or less likely I have created the black on black vogue too.


There is one thing that complements the off shoulder tops and they are chokers. Here instead of choker I preferred to wear a tie  to set completely in the theme of the blog.
I have put a widower's knot in the tie because firstly it is easy to make & secondly, it gives the look of semi-formal couture. I loved the crazy forest print on tie which has given a subtle turn to the outfit and is totally looking astounding. You can either insert the tie, but while you do be careful about the length of the tie, it should be exactly the length of your top if it isn't so, then draw the end of tie neatly into your bottom or pull it out and keep it over the top.





I have accessorized the outfit further by carrying a peach color handbag, it's quiet big than usual because remember when you are out for work you are required to carry a lot of stuff like lunchbox, a bottle of water, laptop in some cases, make-up stuff not necessary if you are using lakhme 9 to 5 make-up product series(just  kidding) I have not used all products from that series except for their 9 to 5 liquid eyeliner and I have to say it works like a true crystal that never breaks, on long shoot days this eyeliner lasts throughout for me without breaking off, incase you happen to use liquid base eyeline and not be a gel base eyeline fan then you should definitely give this a try, it's totally worth it..!! Sometimes you are also required to carry the most important thing that are the documents. Well, you need to keep them safe hence a a medium size handbag would not be too big and at the same time useful too.





Lastly to look decent I pulled my all hair back into a nice high pony tail with a puff ahead.

I hope you guys liked the pictures.



Picture courtesy : MANOJ PATIL


Until next time,
See you guys..!!
Take care 


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