November 2, 2017

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July 25, 2016

                                                Top: @thegoldencloset (Instagram), Palazzo: Zara,

                                                         Heels: Jabong(Lara karen)

                                                    Handbag: Linking road, Bandra

                                                 Shades: Garage sale at Sidra Achwa 

Hey stunners,
How are you all? I have been working a lot lately and some or the other time I am always thinking of what different I can blog for you guys. Randomly, I get many ideas, whether I am idle doing nothing or into some other work not related to blogging. I creatively work on those ideas, try to give it a good shape and further set the style and blog about it.
This blog post here 'COLOUR BLOCKING' is something that I had an idea about and always wanted to do a blog about for a very long time.



This theme struck me way far in the past, since then I have just been thinking of what colours should I block in my outfit. I know there are particular colour pairs to be blocked like 'navy blue-chrome yellow-carmine red' and then there is internet where I could fine many such pairs but frankly speaking I wanted something that's unusual. I was looking for some colour pair that I myself illuminate. So a couple of weeks ago I opened my wardrobe in search of  black leather pants, but to my surprise when I ran my eyes right from the top to bottom of wardrobe for those few seconds they caught it's attention to the 'hot pink' bag, 'vermilion orange' faux leather palazzo and 'arctic blue' heels. Believe me or not, but this actually happened. My wardrobe was quite messy at that moment and also I am kind a girl who will choose mustard colour heels over black ones. In fact, I don't know what I should be thankful to my lazy girl nature or my weird choices while I am out for shopping.


Certainly I loved the colour pair and as they were too many bright colours so next I hunted for a funky-cool neutral colour top. Deep arm boxy top  of white colour came as a saviour to me that I had purchased from a garage sale. I styled the top by putting a middle knot in it.



All together, I opted for a neutral colour top over vermilion palazzo and hot pink bag with arctic blue heels. Also, the little print on the top somewhere complemented my palazzo. Also, my pink shades complemented the handbag and at the same time accessorize my outfit.



Later, when I did shoot for the outfit I absolutely loved the outcome. It totally amazed me and I hope that even you guys like it.!



My lazy nature did help me out invariably but I am not saying that one should  pet this nature. It's of course not good after all cleanliness is next to godliness, and just for you guys to know I do clean my wardrobe once in two weeks :p 




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