November 2, 2017

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July 7, 2016


Hey stunners,
The weather is so good here in Mumbai that I feel all energetic with just a sip of hot coffee. If I had a wish, then probably  I would freeze this weather forever.
Also, I know I may sound little insane talking about 'hats' & 'sneakers' here in this blog post as they are like summer favourites and I even know that it's been a while since summer are over, but still I want to blog for this look not because I am promoting any brand but I really liked the outcome of the shoot and I did be more than happy to share this with you guys. I hope you guys like it.


One thing I have always adored is cute printed simple dresses as the one I have worn here. It is in cool blue shade and it has got this fine print of small dots. The sleeves of the dress are designed elegantly. I had got this dress for merely 500 Rs from 'Missa More' a long back when they had their 'The 99 store' open. I think that recently too they have re-opened this store and every clothes there are for a lesser price and even though it's a sale kind of section they have all sizes available on most of the clothes.


I have matched-up the dress with the golden sneakers and oh my god I really love them. The look of the shoes makes me feel like an alien (ha-ha, just kidding) but frankly speaking every girl should own such pair of shoes  because they look quiet uber. I don't know from which brand or label does this shoes belong because I had picked it up from a garage sale.


One may even leave the house with this ensemble or may choose to accessorize like I did. I added up the usual summer accessories like the hat, watch and pair of shades. Yes, the accessories rejuvenated the look of the outfit-they are more like cherry on the cake.


Moreover, I do believe that one can always modify any outfit to make it suitable for a particular weather. Like for instance, one may style this pretty dress with boots and a sassy rain coat.
Hope to see you guys sooner next time..!
Until then 

Nehakshma Wanjara
The Style Forever 


P.C- Bharat shara ( Instagram hanlde- @bharatshara )


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