November 2, 2017

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June 13, 2016




When for a moment you close your eyes and your senses blur, your thoughts lose specificity and fade into nothingness; you are not worthless or any of those things you shout at yourself. Your nose, your skin and your senses tingle. You are swirling with the fragrance more than were yesterday. Perhaps it won't  last, but for now I am wandering doomed in the midst of this essence.


I still remember that time when I was standing in the 'Beauty and Skin' aisle in the drugstore looking for that one aroma which I can cherish throughout my life. Fortunately by that  time I discovered these shower gels from Fiama Di Wills.

At present,shower gels are at a level higher than soaps.It's not just because their strong lasting aroma but because they substitute pros of soap in much better way and minimize all the cons that mark the beginning of numerous beneficial cascades.


1. Potent Formulation
Shower Gels have a more potent formulation in terms of combining essential oils, fragrances and vitamins.


2. Sanitation


Shower gels are much more helpful to keep it away from common use and contamination. It also ensures safety against skin allergy from anyone else using the same soap. Overall, they are packed in such a way that nothing can penetrate and contaminate it.


3. Easy to use and cost and time effective


In just three easy steps you are done. First pour 2-3 drops on the loofah, then second scrub it on your body and then third rinse it off. Rinsing-off shower gels is easier than soaps . In the perspective of making savings shower gels don't present a greater chance of wastage as a few drops can create a huge quantity of foam essentially due to the fluid composition of shower gels that allow the best surfactants to be combined.. They are also immune to moisture issues. Further, these shower gels from Fiama Di Wills need not to be squeezed  extremely while just a subtle press gets you to the perfect amount of gel needed so that there is no wastage.


4. Moisturizing


It does wonders when it comes to keep your skin moisturized probably due to the moisture lock formulas.


5. Cleansing


Silky gel lathers on the skin and provide a deep cleansing along with cleaning as stated it also conditions.


6 Fragrance


Shower Gels are absolutely aromatic, rich, beautiful, invigorating fragrance that gives fresh feel even after a shower.


Majority of us are soap lovers and since now you know well about shower gels- giving it a try would be absolute worth it !


So lately I have been introduced to two of the Fiama Di Wills shower gels. The first one being the 'Peach and Avocado' and the second one from their new collection that is the 'Ravishing Ruby'. I have described my experience with both of them below.


Peach and avocado one is enriched with natural extracts of Brazilian orange and ginseng this gel works much more gently on skin with a mild texture and an aroma soothing to breath.


Also recently, Fiama Di Wills has augmented its range with 'Shower Jewels' a precious gemstone infused shower gel collection which redefines the parameters of luxury bathing. Exquisitely designed by the eclectic and iconic fashion designer, Masaba Gupta, these shower gels are an amalgamation of avant-grade fashion and innovative skin care.


Ravishing Ruby took me to that dimension that I had delved for so long. I felt completely rejuvenated when the gel  sleeked down my skin in a smooth texture similar to a real gemstone and with the fragrance that anyone can die for.


Ravishing ruby was a never ending experience for me- the first scent took me to a delightful paradise and as the scent drooled over my olfaction , it was nothing but just like yesterday where every morning I wandered again to seek the fragrance of this gel.














Until then,


Nehakshma Wanjara



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