November 2, 2017

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May 28, 2016

Hey there,


it's good to see you all back.I hope you guys are doing great. Lately I have been introduced to a lifestyle product.  Frankly speaking I am not paid to write this blog post but as  this product has maximum pros and almost no cons which makes it an absolutely perfect health aid  and this encouraged me to share my reviews on it.  It's the 'ELIXIR STEVIA' , the label on  it's every product says that it's a 100% natural sweetener, so in today's lush life it's simple to achieve a good healthy life.


'STEVIA' is green and leafy in nature. The compounds that are isolated from it are 100 times more sweeter than sugar. It occurs naturally and is a zero calorie sweetener.

Adding on it compensates all the cons of having sugar in diet like increase in diabetes or raise in cholesterol  levels. For the same thing, particularly this brand 'ELIXIR STEVIA'  is committed to bringing the finest stevia product to all it's customers. 

This product covers a wide range of benefits such as it lowers blood pressure, controls diabetes, aids in faster weight loss and reduces indigestion. 


Their product ranges in three forms- elixir stevia sachets box,  elixir stevia  whole green leaf and elixir stevia liquid  extract. One that you prefer and  suits you accordingly it can be added to smoothie, coffee, tea and other beverages.





Here are some usage tips:

Elixir Stevia Green Leaf: 3-4 leaves are equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar

Elixir Stevia Liquid: 1-2 drops are equivalent to 2 tablespoons of sugar

Elixir Stevia Sachet: 1 sachet is equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar



It is easily available on and one can buy it from the same site.!


Incase, you guys want to know more about it then you may visit their website

Facebook page- Elixir Stevia 

Instagram- @elixirstevia


Until then,



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