November 2, 2017

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February 27, 2016


Hoodeie: GAP

Leggings: Colaba Causbay, Mumbai

Shoes: KOOVS


Accesssories: Colaba Causbay, Mumbai


P.C: @aniruddhasharma (Instagram ID)


Hola Stunners..!! It's great to see you all back, I am so excited right now to write this blog as gap finally says 'HELLO MUMBAI'.  I admit that I missed out on its preview, but wait, what's bigger was their super amazing store launch in Mumbai, which was so awful, it had some positive craziness there. My first pick from the store was a GAP logo white hoodie. Not just because it's winter, but I feel sensuously comfortable and soft such that I am thinking about to pull them off throughout.




 Also, hoodies are never out of trend they are always spotted in and out. They are one- of-a-kind from age old vogue. Hence, I decided to get into the bandwagon and rock it. While its usual cognition that hoodies suffices as an unfailing apparel to grab for a small walk along with a pet, gym period or just to keep oneself warm.! I preferred to keep the outfit sporty enough or in that case one can even say athletic hence I shed the idea of layering elements and played it safe..!


To go with the flow I fiercely opted for a black ripped leggings, its asymmetrically ripped from all sides. I was very lucky enough to get them at just 400 bucks at Colaba Causbay street . 



For the shoes, I found no better time, but this to try on my much favourite holographic ankle shoes that I had bought from the koovs sale last month. I chose to be bold and experiment a little with the tinge. Hoodie with shoe will always be an edgy trend.

To keep the look invariably fashionable I tried on a few really cool hand accessories, that includes rusted gold bangles and a monochrome band. You can always try on to wear shades that suit your hoodie outfit. Check out rest of my lookbook. Give me thumbs-up if you guys liked it. Also hit the facebook like button on top of my webpage and don't forget to follow me on instgram @nehakshma_thestyleforever.

Until then,







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