November 2, 2017

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February 23, 2016


P.C: @picturesque_artworks on InstaGram and @mayank_picturesque on Roposo..!



Oversized sweatshirt: Borivali station, Mumbai
Boots: FOREVER 21 :Garage sale at -IG (@sidraaachwa)


Hola stunners..!!
We are towards the end of the winter season and this is the time when we feel most of the chills.
I have been blogging a lot for winter fashions my last blog was about the winter formal fashion, but this time I have pulled out the casual vibes.I have one more blog and it will come up soon on winter outings.
So, talking about the blog, I have used the most coolest apparel an oversized sweatshirt. It has this amazing Aztec print and it has small bits of fur present on which feels absolutely soft and comfortable.


I preferred to go contemporary by styling sweatshirt with basic asymmetrical skirt and thus created a dramatic couture by shaping a new dimension for the vogue of skirts.


I have also put on a denim shirt beneath the sweatshirt simply to create a fashion statement by adding a collar aspect to the outfit. Also, I know the degree does not drops that low in Mumbai, but frankly speaking, this denim is shirt is very thin and light hence it won't even bother you.


Winters invariably call out for boots so with no second thoughts I fiercely ran over to these knee length boots that I had grabbed from a garage sale last November.
These boots stole the whole look of the outfit moreover, I am at my utmost comfort carrying them as they are not even heely.


I opted for a cute little sling bag since I wanted the garments to be more in focus.


I have embellished the whole look with a braided elemental neck piece and black shades.



I hope you guys liked my this style and don't forget to give a thumbs-up to this blog and hit the Facebook like button on my site. Also follow me on Instagram @nehakshma_thestyleforever and on ROPOSO @thestyleforever
Until then, take care..!
Tada and stay tuned.

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