November 2, 2017

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December 20, 2015

SUSPENDERS: Colaba Causbay

SHIRT: Vero Moda


SHOES: Forever 21

Handbag: Borivali

HAT: Forever 21

UMBRELLA: Borivali

JACKET: Forever 21

GLARES: Lens kart (joe black)

Make-up and hair-style by me :)

Hola stunners, before I forget I would like to share that I have a few collaborations coming up next!! Hence, don't forget to take a glimpse over them in my alliance section of my blog. Talking about my current blog, there's unrivalled question that baffles us. Has the history of long age fashion died? To this I must suffice that it credibly needs a revival. At present significantly we can put this style over for formal looks. In 60's this trend had its great decade. Every other man had exploited this over all get-up's, be it casual or formal. Probably this was the style mantra at then. Whatever be the matter, suspenders have a few pros that one can't ignore and this is what makes suspenders brisk to be worn even today. Noting few, suspenders clings to your trousers hence it has a salutary grasp over them. Next for people who have fat bellies can use suspenders which of course helps them to escape from bulging fat part and this what waist belts don't do. I am not discouraging anyone, it's for those who are timid of fats around the waist line. In my this blog, I have vitalized the plain look for suspenders by going monochrome. Hence, opted a sleeved transparent white shirt having rust, gold tucked buttoned with a flowy collar over a black baggy trousers. The silhoutte of the pair is such that it is absolutely perfect for suspenders. Moreover to be a trendsetter I extended the panache of this outfit for varied seasons.



Throughout different vogues I have worn the same shoes 'the black tassel bellies' to be a little bohemain. Along I have carried a black formal handbag. The limelight and my favourite part is the hairstyle 'middle parted pony tail' that I made myself for this stylish affair I have received many thumbs-up for the same. Thank you to all for this :)



For summers, I always try to escape from the sun , not only for the sake of the eyes, but also for the skin I prefer to wear a flowy hat while for spring I tried to be the minimalist by shedding of all supplements for the sake of glow around.





Umbrellas become my favourite obsession in rainy mood. To give that sassy look I fiercely flaunted my gun umbrella, but it's a real heavy thing,




where as winters are ruled by ponchos, cardigans, sweaters, etc. I felt too comfy and cosy in this grey cardigan that perfectly hugs my shoulder line to its best.



Autumn stands out of all where I just put on my shades and walk through the windy weather. My brown aviators pretty much gives justice to the outfit.



So next time don't be afraid to flaunt anything that needs revival, be confident enough to create the awfulness and set the trend in noveau vogue.

Until then tada..!! :))



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