November 2, 2017

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November 30, 2015


Top: Hill Road, Bandra

Shorts: Forever 21

Oversized shirt: Koovs

Stilettoes: Forever 21

Ring set: Forever 21

Reflectors: Colaba Causbay

WIth Dell laptop.

Hola peeps..!!

All of us be a gal or guy, one certainly does look out for one such denim on denim outfit. I hope my this blog really inspires you to create one such style for yourself.

My denim-hunt actually ended here and I feel immense pleasure sharing about the same.

Basically to go denimoholic, it's pretty essential to choose the right denim tinge of colour utterly. Once you through it certainly you have your style game to the point.


For my denim on denim style I opted for a light shade denim shirt which I tucked in with dark high waist denim shorts. Further on I picked out an oversized spectre denim shirt, that I bought online.This shirt also has a print of small clubs, one which is found on a deck of cards. I personally feel that these are extremely adorable. I effortlessly layered my casual combination of top and shirt with this club printed oversized shirt. Moreover the mode you carry this shirt is absolutely different affair.



One can either go cool by leaving all buttons loose or be formal by putting up one button, somewhere in the middle.Here both my top and oversized shirt which I have put on are having a collar, hence for style convention on one side I pulled the top's collar over the shirt. I have timelessly accessorized the outfit with a set of multifinger ring set where I did merge the gold and silver hue.



The much of paparazzi look is given by those round framed reflectors which is a must-have essential in wardrobe. Moreover, those white suede stilettoes manifestly play justice to give that uber look.

This style definitely gives you whole freedom of motion at it's best ease hence it's all fine to carry a laptop piece,



Well,I genuinely desire for you all to create one awful denim-on-denim look and sway around. Good luck.!

Don't forget to tag me there.!!:))

Until then, Tada for my next blog which will be on suspenders -former vogue..!! :))


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