November 2, 2017

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August 20, 2015



RIPPED DENIM: Borivali Station Road

TOP: Linking road, Bandra

BOOTS: Beauty shop, Kandiwali

ACCESSORIES: Hill road, Bandra

GLARES: Gifted

Hello people! So good to see you all back!

This shoot was like a sudden stroke. I was suppose to go for a movie and I absolutely adore my ripped denim and hence on the way I decided to blog this outfit.

This is a casual look, one of which is perfect for a movie. You don't always have to hunt for designer labels I pulled off this casual yet chic attire by styling myself with street collection. This is not a difficult task, you just need to have an eye for fashion and know how to mix & match and most importantly  take pride in appearance. Thereafter irrespective of time you will learn to keep up with the latest fashion. I styled myself with much trending piece 'RIPPED DENIM' which stole the entire shown by itself!

To go with this shade of denim I chose white lace tube top with a 'V' knot tie around the neck. This is a classic combination and for those who are slaves to fashion, it is a must-have duo in their collection.

BLACK yes, I have filled the space with this color by wearing black boots and thus giving a final touch to the attire just like applying gloss after the make up is done.

I have kept the visuals of accessories light for this look by simply wearing a gold chain earring and a double white pearl ring.

Adding to the above essentials I have also carried blue glares to add that cool look! 

So what is your street style?

Email me and will try to bring it up somehow with your credits!

Check out my rest of the snaps.

Until next time...








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