November 2, 2017

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Today's Outfit

August 10, 2015

Details Boyfriend jeans: Ruchi,Bandra

Top: Forever21

Stilettoes: Jabong

Flakes bracelte: claires

Scarf: Hill road,Bandra

Watch and cap: Gifted 

Well hello peeps I am back again,how you all doing? I hope fine. Do you all have heard this thought "what goes around comes around". Broad denim were once upon in all the limelight which got replaced by narrow denim that's not all ,it did not stop here,then the boyfriend jeans came into trend which are kind off broad from bottom and thus create a band like chunk of denim by folding .Boyfriend jeans may fit body or not,preferably loose. Such kind of bottoms goes ravishing with loose high low top.Yes as I wanted to style up different,I chose white color for top. Flats does prove your outfit but stilettos gives you the look of slimmer legs.Plus it also gives you a high stature.Few accessories that I used are watch,flakes bracelet which are in shade of blue that gives contrast to the red and white combo. Multicoloured scarf- khaki,denim blue,green and etc.I loved it totally those abstract colors bring out as lot of look from the outfit.The way you tie your scarf around also matters a lot please make a point of this. Lastly cap to look cool This outfit is too comfortable,stylish and trendy. Be it road trips,pool side visits,brunch,café,outings or reunions you will definitely create a style statement with this one.

Picture courtesy Sonu koli (jai koli)

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