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July 15, 2018

Hey there,

In today 'Health' is one big question to all of us and in this race of creating an identity we have surely skipped our health at the starting line. In my last blog post I have addressed few simple yoga poses that one can perform at any age, in case you have m...

June 17, 2018

Physical therapy basis of yoga, Bio-mechanics foundation of yoga. Simple yoga poses for all age,amateurs and beginners. Yoga in daily routine and Physiotherapy in yoga.

November 2, 2017

It is said " We need to dream to chase them but what about them who can't dream" .

Only if you recollect then remember saying this to someone ' Hey, you are so restless!' or 'Hey, don't be anxious calm down! ' , well at times this calm down might not be enough they migh...

July 10, 2017

Hey there,

I must confess that not all time of my childhood I survived being a mad fan of comics & superheroes but I was all time surrounded by them since my friends & cousins were totally into them. And by telling this I don't want to sound bias at all.It is not just t...

May 13, 2017

Hi there, 

If you guys have been keeping a track on my Instagram stories, then I am pretty sure that you would have seen me getting pampered with a lot of spa services from  different salon brands.

Honestly, I love spa services for the fact that they leave very smooth an...

May 1, 2017

Hey there,

Well, I don't deny the fact that when it comes to maintaining a good harmony amid various different spheres of your professional life, it becomes little difficult for any one of us to juggle for connecting the ends of the diameter.  


March 18, 2017


Ever more than anytime I am extremely happy when fashion events and eternal new styles hit the runway. With the ' Amazon fashion week' happening in Delhi and 'Lakme fashion week' in Mumbai, which just took place a month ago, I am going crazy over the amount of spec...

March 15, 2017


I bet that I will be cent percent correct if ever of you would have dreamed to have a room wardrobe of clothes and fashion accessories. Well, if so, then I  assume this that you people must be aware of the fact that it costs huge and it seems next to impossible unle...

March 8, 2017

Hey there,

I can barely keep up with this weather's mood swings and it makes me insane as just the other day I was drawing a blog on bomber jackets and now I am here writing a blog on cropping up clothes.

Well, it's time for me that I appreciate the fact that summers are...

March 4, 2017

Hey there,

This blog might seem crazy to the readers currently experiencing the scorching of the sun but I did pull out a stake that ultimately you people would love to try it out during cold.And even if you know me, still for the countless times I would like to tell yo...

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